About Absolutely Fresh Your Premier Fish Market

The Story

In 1979, we started driving fresh shrimp and oysters from New Orleans to Omaha in a refrigerated truck and selling it on the corner of 70th & Dodge, and later at 120th and Pacific. People were understandably a little nervous at the thought of buying food off the back of a truck, but the quality was good and the price reasonable, so word got around.

The Name “Absolutely Fresh”

Our customers came up with the name of our company. When asked if the shrimp was fresh, I started answering, “It’s ABSOLUTELY FRESH”; After a couple months of this, I painted it on some signs for our truck sales, then on the truck itself. It stuck. Our loyal and knowledgeable customers saw to it that we expanded our line to include flounder, trout and red snapper… so many more kinds of fish from so many coasts that we had to get a warehouse, and then our first retail store at 18th and Leavenworth.

Our Current Store

In 2011, we consolidated our two stores to our flagship location at 119th and Pacific where we share our space with the original Shucks Fish House.   We carry over 600 items including our fresh fish and shellfish, frozen, our fabulous cocktail shrimp and smoked salmon, plus an excellent wine and gourmet grocery selection.  We get twice daily shipments of fresh seafood from our wholesale department that receives fish from around the world.   Remember, “If it smells like fish. it’s not Absolutely Fresh!”

Our Wholesale Department

Are you a restaurant, catering service, or other food service establishment?  Call our wholesale department at 402-345-5057 to get the best selection of fresh and frozen fish and seafood in Omaha delivered to your door twice a day, 6 days a week!

Our Crew Meet the Fishmongers



Our crew is here to help you plan your next meal with ease.  Everything from portion sizes, cooking times, seasonings and sides.  Not to mention, these are the experts behind the Canadian Grilled Shrimp, Crab Pot Pies, and Smoked Salmon.   So, say hi and don’t be shy.